Bele fish jhuri recipe | বাইলা মাছের ঝুরি | Bele Macher Jhuri | Scribbled Goby Fish Recipe

 Bele fish jhuri recipe | বাইলা মাছের ঝুরি | Bele Macher Jhuri | Scribbled Goby Fish Recipe

Bele Mach (Glossogobius giuris or Bele fish) is a type of fish that likes to lie in the sand or sandstone and can be found in streams and rivers with gravel or sand substrates. It mostly consumes filamentous algae, as well as tiny fish and crabs. The tank goby, also known as the Bele in Bangladesh, the Scribbled goby in Sri Lanka, and the Weligouva or Bia in the Philippines, can be found in rivers, streams, and bells during the rainy season. It can't last long in murky water. The actual challenge in preparing this recipe is keeping the fish from breaking because it becomes extremely brittle after only a few minutes of cooking, and it is a matter of patience that defines the recipe's overall success.

Bele Macher (Bele Fish) Jhuri is one of the most delicious dishes in Bangladesh. Let’s have a look and learn “how to cook Bele Macher (Bele Fish) Jhuri”. Don’t skip until the end to get every information about the ingredients properly. However, You can  use  any  fish fillet or whiting or if you prefer the original  bele  fish which is used for this dish. 

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👇👇👇  Ingredients for Bele Macher Jhuri 👇👇👇

For boiled Bele fish :

- Bele fish (Scribbled goby) - 4 pieces

- Water - ¼ cup

- Turmeric powder - 1 pinch

- Salt  - ⅓ tsp

- Bay leaves - ½ segment

Make Paste of:

- Chopped Onion - 2 Cups (500g) 

- Ginger Paste - ¼ tsp

- Garlic  paste - ½  tsp

- Green Chilli slices  - 10 to 12 as per taste

Powder spices for Fish Curry:

- Salt- 1/2 tsp or according to taste 

- Turmeric powder- ¼  tsp

- Red Chilli Powder- ⅓ tsp

- Cumin Powder - ⅓ tsp


- Wash and clean the fish well

- Take a medium size cooking pan and add a small amount of water.

- Add a little bit Turmeric powder and one-third tsp Salt  with the water.

- Add Bay leaves half segment.

- For boiling, add fish pieces 

- Take almost Five hundred gram(500 gm) Chopped onion

- Chili slices 12 to 15 pieces

- Salt as your taste

Process for Bele Fish Jhuri:

  • Heat oil in a wide mouthed pan.
  • Add the Onion slices and fry it until brown.Then add Green chili slices.
  • When it sizzles and you start getting the aroma, follow with the onion. Fry the onion until it becomes light brown.
  • Add some Red chilli powder, Salt according to taste ,Turmeric powder, Cumin Powder and Garlic Ginger paste. Fry all spices until oil seperates
  • Now add the fish. Stir the fish around and keep the gas heat at medium. Do not add any water.
  • The fish will soon become soft and disintegrate. Keep stirring to make it crumble. Any water released from the fish should also dry up during this process.
  • Sauté it on medium heat till it becomes light golden brown. Don’t forget to stir it every 30 seconds.


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